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    Peer tutoring is one of the many services offered by the Student Academic Support Services Center. The goal of peer tutoring is to empower students of all backgrounds to reach their academic goals by assisting them in the development of basic academic skills, encouraging intellectual growth, and promoting learning as an explorative process. The tutoring relationship is an active, developmental relationship that provides students with academic assistance that builds on their classroom experience.

    Who is Eligible for Tutoring?

    Peer tutoring is a free service designated for students who have an academic need and are struggling in a course. The following criteria is used when determining a student’s eligibility of being assigned a peer tutor:

    1. The student has met with the professor of the class for which he or she is requesting a tutor a minimum of two times to discuss individual difficulties with course requirements and possible solutions.
    2. The student is spending the recommended number of hours outside of class studying and preparing for the course. ***

      *** It is expected for a student to spend at least 2-3 hours per week studying outside of class for each hour spent in class. This means a student carrying 12 credit hours needs to spend between 24-36 hours per week preparing outside of class. This time includes reading your assigned text, reviewing notes, working on projects, and other course-related tasks.

    3. The student’s grades in the course reflect a D+ average or lower and illustrate the student is at risk for failure without tutoring.

    How to Request a Tutor

    To request a tutor, first complete a Tutor Request Form (obtain form in Egan 105), paying close attention to the student expectations portion printed on the second page. Next, schedule an appointment with Tina Maroni in the Student Academic Support Services Center, Room 105 Egan Hall. Bring your completed Tutor Request Form with you to this meeting. During this meeting, the criteria listed above, your individual struggles with the course, note taking skills, and test preparation techniques will be discussed to adequately determine if you are eligible to receive tutoring assistance.

    Students who are approved for tutoring services work either one-on-one with a peer tutor or are placed in a small tutoring group. Students will be contacted via email of their placement and will be given the tutor’s contact information. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the tutor within three days to begin tutoring sessions. In addition, the student is required to meet with his or her tutor for one hour three times per week. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in tutoring privileges being revoked for the remainder of the semester. Reminder: Tutoring is not a substitute for regular class attendance.  

    How Do You Apply for a Tutor Position?

    Students interested in becoming a peer tutor are encouraged to fill out a tutor application, and submit it to the Student Academic Support Services Center, Room 105 Egan Hall. Those chosen for the position will be contacted and are required to attend a Peer Tutor Orientation. This training session will help promote the development of communication skills, responsibility, time management, and a sensitivity and tolerance for individual needs and differences.

    Qualities of a Good Tutor

    1. Course Mastery - Tutors must have achieved a minimum of a B+ in the subjects they are tutoring.
    2. Communication Skills - Well developed communication and listening skills are vital to successful tutoring. Tutors must have a willingness to learn new skills.
    3. Reliability - Tutoring requires reliability and a sense of teamwork. We are looking for tutors with energy and a positive approach to problem solving.

    Benefits of Tutoring

    1. Personal Satisfaction - You can make a difference in a fellow student's academic success.
    2. Flexible Work Hours - You and the student arrange the tutoring sessions to accommodate both individuals’ schedules.
    3. Educational Enrichment - Tutoring is also a great way to “freshen up” on course material from previous semesters.

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