Office of Information Technology

Computer Lab Policies

These policies apply to the use of all computer labs, classrooms and wireless facilities operated by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). They are intended to facilitate the use of the labs in the best interests of all faculty and students. All students and faculty must adhere to the Franciscan University of Steubenville Policies on the Use of Computers. Students and faculty need to be aware that unauthorized sharing of peer-to-peer file copyrighted works, including music, pictures, and movies, is a violation of Policies on the Use of Computers. It is also illegal and may carry significant monetary and/or criminal sanctions. It is the responsibility of students and faculty who are downloading or uploading documents to make certain that they are not copyrighted works, or that the student or faculty has the permission of the copyright holder. Violations of these policies incur the same types of disciplinary measures as violations of other University policies or state or federal laws, including criminal prosecution in serious cases. Violations constitute misuse of University property.

Faculty and students are not permitted to load any software or games on any computer in the computer labs. All software must be approved and installed by a representative from the Office of Information Technology (OIT). If software is found to be installed on a lab computer that was not authorized by a representative from OIT, OIT has the right to remove that software at its discretion.

If a faculty member is found to have installed software or changed the configuration of the computer without the approval of OIT, all configuration changes will be set back to the default, the software will be removed and the department head will be notified by OIT. Instructional needs that require changes in the software/hardware configuration of the lab equipment must first be brought up to the Dean's Office.

If a student changes the configuration of a computer or installs software on a computer, the student will be reported to the Lab Coordinator, all configuration changes will be set back to the default, the software will be removed and a record will be kept of the student’s actions. If this student repeats this offense, OIT will forward the information to Student Life to proceed with disciplinary measures.

Faculty who need to reserve the labs for class must call the Lab Coordinator at least two days before the class to allow the Lab Coordinator to post a message to the general student and faculty population about the lab being reserved. However, OIT reserves the right to close a lab to users on short notice to accommodate unanticipated instructional or maintenance needs. All lab users must leave the computer lab ten minutes before a scheduled reservation. The ten-minute interval is necessary for preparation of the incoming class or maintenance.

No food, drink or tobacco products are allowed in the labs. Open containers should be stored away or disposed of before entering the labs.

Students are responsible for all password changes made to their personal login accounts.

Game playing, other than those assigned specifically for course work, is not allowed in the labs at anytime.

No materials or equipment may leave the computer labs, under any circumstances, without the written permission of an OIT staff member. Students and faculty are not authorized to permit materials or equipment to leave the labs.

After a student or faculty member is finished using a computer, it is that person’s responsibility to log off of the computer. Failing to log off may result in the users’ information being compromised.

Saving to the hard drive or desktop is prohibited. Documents should be saved to a flash drive (thumb drive), or to your own personal network folder. Files that are stored on the local drive that are not part of the computer’s configuration will be deleted.

Students are alloted 250 pages of free printing each semester. Any pages printed over that allotment will cost the student 5¢ per black-and-white sheet and 10¢ per color sheet. The amount will be assessed to the student's account and billed at the end of the semester.

Anyone found abusing the equipment or being discourteous to others in the lab facility will be asked to leave. If necessary, campus security will be called to escort violators from the lab. Revocation of abuser’s privileges may also result.  OIT will forward this information to Student Life to proceed with disciplinary measures.

If the University discovers students in the lab attempting to or gaining access to inappropriate sites, it will be documented and the report will be forwarded to Student Life and the student will be disciplined in accordance to the rules and policies of Student Life.

Franciscan University urges all students to follow these policies and to conduct themselves within the framework of the university’s mission.

Lab Aides

The labs are supervised at all times by Lab Aides who have the responsibility to ensure the security and smooth operation of the labs in the best interest of faculty and students.

OIT and the Lab Aides are not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen from the computer labs.  Lab Aides may offer training and provide consulting on hardware and system software operations to the extent that a user can gain access to a given application package or programming language.

Instruction, training, and assistance in the use of a particular application or programming language are the responsibility of the course instructor. Lab Aides are not required to aid students in the mechanics of these programs.  Hardware problems or suspected software bugs should be reported to the Lab Aides.

If students or faculty have a complaint concerning a Lab Aide, they must contact the Lab Coordinator.

Other Policies

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