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Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee facilitates faculty oversight of assessment participation, provides a faculty-centered reference point for future developments of our assessment program, and ensures effective communication on assessment issues.

Committee Members
  • Members 2008-2009

    1. Dr. Mark Roberts, Chair
    2. Mr. Joseph Friona, Co-chair
    3. Dr. Frank Hermann
    4. Dr. Stephen Miletic
    5. Dr. John Perozich
    6. Mr. Kenneth Wear (advisory)
    7. Mr. Mark Erste (advisory)

  • Members 2007-2008

    1. Mr. Joseph Friona, co-chair
    2. Dr. Frank Hermann (1)
    3. Dr. Stephen Miletic (2)
    4. Dr. John Perozich (1)
    5. Dr. Mark Roberts (3)
    6. Mrs. Pamela Bichsel
    7. Mr. Mark Erste (advisory)
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