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Dr. Mary Kathryn McVey

Associate Professor of Education

McVey_largeOne of Dr. Mary Kathryn McVey’s best childhood memories is of going to the library with her father almost every evening. Her dad was in the Marines, so the family moved a lot, but the library trips were a constant wherever they went.

“Dad would help me check out the books, and Mom would help me read them,” McVey says. “That’s how I learned to love reading.”

It’s not surprising that the girl who loved libraries grew up to be a teacher dedicated to helping children to read. In 1990, with her BS in education from Ohio University, McVey began teaching in the public schools. In 1996, she earned her MA in education, emphasis in reading, from Muskingum College in Ohio. She loved the classroom and taught children from kindergarten to grade 12.

In 1998, Mary Kathryn and her husband, Mike McVey, an educational administrator, moved to Steubenville when Mike took a promotion. Mary Kathryn decided to take her love of teaching into higher education. “I wanted to teach teachers how to teach,” she says. “And I liked the vision of Christian humanism at Franciscan.”

She became an associate professor of education, earned her EdD from Duquesne University in 2004, and was appointed Education Department chair in 2005. But perhaps her most momentous move, she says, was converting from Methodism to Catholicism in 1999.

“My husband and I share the same faith now,” she says. “And every day I’m trying to be a better Catholic. It’s not always easy, but I’m in the right place!”

McVey and her husband have two daughters—also teachers—and four grandchildren. “Four educators in one family makes for lively dinner conversation,” she says.

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