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Lecture Series to Address Blessed Newman's Personalism    

Doctor Crosby will present topics from his new book.

Posted:  2011-01-12  

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STEUBENVILLE, OH—Franciscan University of Steubenville philosophy professor Dr. John F. Crosby will present a series of lectures on "The Christian Personalism of Blessed John Henry Newman" throughout the spring 2011 semester.

Crosby, currently on sabbatical to research and write a book on Newman's Christian personalism, will share portions of the book in each lecture.  Newman, who lived from 1801-1890, was an extremely influential scholar, cleric, and Anglican convert to Catholicism whose enduring legacy still shapes Anglo-Catholicism and the Catholic Church in England.  The series is inspired in part by Pope Benedict XVI's recent beatification of Newman and high praise for his intellectual contributions to Catholic theology and philosophy during the pope's trip to England. 

"This lecture series offers a way of getting to know Newman by way of a major theme of his work," says Crosby.  "One theologian wrote that Newman 'stands at the threshold of the new age as a Christian Socrates, the pioneer of a new philosophy of the individual Person and of Personal Life.'  This originality of Newman is the theme of these lectures."

Each lecture begins at 7:30 pm in the International Lounge of the J. C. Williams Student Center.  No previous knowledge of Newman is required for attending the lectures.  One lecture can be attended without having attended the previous ones.  The lectures are free and open to the public, and will be followed by opportunities for questions and discussion. 
  1. "The Personalist Spirit of Newman’s Thought," Thursday, Feb. 3.
  2. "The Human Person as a World of His Own," Thursday, Feb. 24
  3. "Personal Influence," Thursday, March 10
  4. "The Personal Exercise of Reason," Thursday, March 31
  5. "Newman’s Personalist Way to God Through Conscience," Wednesday, April 20
For more information on the lecture series, contact the Franciscan University Philosophy Department at 740-284-5343.  For more information on Blessed John Henry Newman, see
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