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Phil Rosensteel

Class of 2005

Major: Communication Arts (Radio/TV)

Three years after graduating from Franciscan University, Phil Rosensteel had the confidence and edge to launch his own production company in Baltimore. Through Wired Different Media, Inc., Phil engages his passion to create technically and artistically excellent media, offering services in video and audio production, graphic design, photography, and music.

Phil had freelanced and worked as a subcontractor for Blue Rock Productions, LLC for over five years before coming to Steubenville as a non-traditional student.

Starting out as an English major in the drama concentration, Phil noticed a cross-pollination between classes unlike that at other colleges.

“Everything is taught and learned through the lens of the truth,” he says. “You see how the reality of our faith permeates history, science, and the arts.”

Phil has found his theatre background a boon for filmmaking, saying, “Theatre classes gave me a better grasp on acting, story, and design—all of which cross over into film.”

In his communication arts classes, he refined the invaluable skill of how to ask the right questions and be a critical media viewer. Phil also formed a lasting friendship with com arts professor Dr. Jim Coyle and says all the professors are aware of the constant changes in the industry, which they bring to the forefront at Franciscan.

“The number one thing I came away with was confidence,” Phil says. “I knew I had skills, but it was my professors and mentors at Franciscan who helped me to realize that I had what it took to follow my dreams.”

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