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    Training Today's Educators for Tomorrow's Classrooms!

    Check back on February 1, 2015 for complete conference information and for on-line and mail-in instructions.

    Designed for teachers who work exclusively with elementary PreK-6 students in a regular and/or special needs classroom setting.

    Because of the demand for space for the Cornerstones Conference, enrollment will be limited to ONLY those teachers meeting the criteria listed above.

    Due to the continued interest in Creative Cornerstones we will offer 2 identical conferences this coming summer.

    You can rest assured that the high professional academic and practical quality will be maintained in the Summer of 2015.

    Creative Cornerstones has a history of exceptional enrollment and many classroom teachers have been closed out. To avoid disappointment in 2015, please register early for the conference of your choice. We will close all registrations at the time when all accommodations are spoken for.

    We look forward to seeing you at Creative Cornerstones this summer.

    Floyd L. Cogley, Jr., Conference Director
    James Anderson, University Coordinator

    2015 Conference Dates

    • Conference A

      Richfield, Ohio
      June 15-19, 2015
      Days Inn and Suites

    • Conference B

      Richfield, Ohio
      June 22-26, 2015
      Days Inn and Suites

    Topics and Presenters


    • There's a Method to Our Madness In Pre K - K Science
      Presented by: Dawne Howard
      Pre K - K
    • Primary "Connect-Chains" (Primary Connections)
      Presented by: Kris Pascale
      Gr. 1-2-3
    • Enriching the Curriculum Through Higher Order Thinking Skills
      Presented by: Ellen Foster
      Gr. 4-5-6


    • iPads, Apps, QR Codes for The Common Core
      Presented by: Angie Bolin
      Pre K - 6
    • Learning Activities
      Presented by: Sally Davis
      Pre K - 6
    • Ellison Educational Materials
      Linda Doubrava & Patty Scaravilli
      Pre K - 6
    • Shh! Don't Tell Them They're Learning
      Presented by: Ginny Dowd
      Grades 1-2-3
    • Electro Games and Maps
      Presented by: Paula Greene
      Pre K - 6
    • Scrapbooking the Basal
      Presented by: Debbie Kazimir
      Pre K - 6
    • Nelson's Nifty Novels/Picture Books
      Sandy Nelson
      Pre K - 6
    • On the Right Track
      Debbie Nerderman
      Pre K - K
    • File Folder Puppets
      Ann Paddock & Debbie Woedl
      Pre K - 6
    • In the Middle
      Suzy Parnell
      Gr. 4-5-6
    • Language Arts to the "Core"
      Pat Super
      Pre K - 6
    • It's in the Bag (Additional Bag Ladies Activities)
      Karen Tudor
      Pre K - 6

    Contact Information

    James Anderson
    (740) 284-5269