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    Dr. Benjamin Wiker

    Visiting Associate Professor of Theology


    • B.A. Political Philosophy, with a minor in Humanities, Furman University, Greenville, SC
    • M.A. Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
    • Ph.D. Theological Ethics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
    • Dissertation: The Relationship of Politics and Ethics to Physics and Metaphysics in Aristotle

    Professional Experience

    • Marquette University, Instructor, Theology, 1988-1989
    • Marquette University, Lecturer, Theology, 1989-1990
    • St. Mary's University (MN), Assistant Professor, Theology, 1990-1991
    • St. Mary's University (MN), Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Core, 1991-1996
    • Thomas Aquinas College (CA), Tutor, Great Books, 1996-2000
    • Franciscan University, Assistant Professor of Classics/Honors, 2000-2001
    • Franciscan University, Lecturer, Theology and Science, 2001-2006
    • Franciscan University, Visiting Associate Professor, 2013-2014

    Awards and Memberships

    • Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude, Furman University
    • Highest Honors, Ph.D. Exams, Vanderbilt University
    • Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
    • Senior Fellow, Envoy Institute
    • Senior Fellow, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
    • Faculty, Catholic Apologetics Academy
    • Faculty Associate at the Veritas Center for Ethics and Public Life, Franciscan University

    Select Publications & Accomplishments

    • 'Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became our State Religion'

             "Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became our State Religion" (Regnery)

    • 'Politicizing the Bible...'

             "Politicizing the Bible: The Roots of Historical Criticism and the Secularization of Scripture" 1300-1700 (Crossroad,          with Scott Hahn)               

    • 'The Catholic Church and Science...'

               "The Catholic Church and Science:Answering the Questions, Exposing the Myths" (St. Benedict’s)

    • '10 Books Every Conservative Must Read...'

             "10 Books Every Conservative Must Read: Plus Four Others Not to Miss and One Impostor" (Regnery)

    • 'The Darwin Myth...'

             "The Darwin Myth: The Life and Lies of Charles Darwin" (Regnery)

    • '10 Books that Screwed Up the World...'

             "10 Books that Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others that Didn’t Help "(Regnery)

    • 'Answering the New Atheism...'

             "Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins’ Case against God" (Emmaus, with Scott Hahn)

    • 'A Meaningful World...'

             "A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature" (InterVarsity, with Jonathan Witt)

    • 'Architects of the Culture of Death'

             "Architects of the Culture of Death" (Ignatius, with Donald DeMarco)     

    • 'The Mystery of the Periodic Table'

             "The Mystery of the Periodic Table" (Bethlehem)

    • 'Moral Darwinism...'

             "Moral Darwinism:  How We Became Hedonists" (InterVarsity)

    • 'Is Darwinism Compatible with Classical Liberalism’s View of Morality?'

             “Is Darwinism Compatible with Classical Liberalism’s View of Morality?” in Stephen Dilley, Darwinian Science and               Classical Liberalism (Lexington)