Priestly Discernment Program

Priestly Discernment Program Application Form

General Information

  1. First Name: 

  2. Last Name: 

  3. Home Phone: 

  4. Cell Phone: 

  5. E-mail Address: 

  6. Street Address 1: 

  7. Street Address 2: 

  8. City: 

  9. State:  

  10. ZIP Code: 

  11. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 

  12. Date you intend to begin studies at Franciscan University (MM/DD/YYYY): 

  13. Age at that time: 

  14. You will enter Franciscan University as a: 

  15. I already have at least a bachelor's degree and am coming only to obtain the pre-requisites for seminary. 

  16. I possess the following degrees: 

  17. I am pursuing a Master's degree in the following field(s): 

  18.  I am pursuing a bachelor's degree
  19. Major(s):  
  20. Minor(s): 

  21. Expected date of graduation/completion of Priestly Discernment Program: 

  22. Current grade point average: 

Vocational Information


  1. Bishop's Name: 

  2. Name of Diocese: 

  3. Vocation Director's Name: 

  4. Vocation Director's Phone Number: 


  1. Are you interested in? 
    1.   Diocesan Priesthood
    2.   Religious Priesthood
    3.   Religious Brotherhood
    4.   Uncertain

  2. Are you interested in a particular diocese or religious order? If so, in which one?

  3. Have you ever studied in a seminary or been affiliated with a religious community? If so, please describe the association.

  4. Why did you leave?

  5. How long have you been thinking about the priesthood/religious life?

  6. Who has assisted you in your vocational discernment?

  7. Describe your desire to be a priest/religious. Were there significant role models in your life? What are/were the central influences?

  8. Describe your understanding and perceptions of ministry.

  9. What strengths do you see in yourself?

  10. What weaknesses?

Spiritual Life

  1. What Spiritual practices are part of your life at the present time (e.g., Mass, prayer, etc.)?

Sacramental Life

  1. I was baptized a Roman Catholic in (provide year): 

  2. I was not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, but was received into her in (provide year): 

  3. I was previously affiliated with (provide name of church/denomination/ecclesial community):  

  4. I have received the following sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church: 
    1.   Penance
    2.   Eucharist
    3.   Confirmation

  5. Please list any children and their ages:

Household Expectations

  1. What do you expect from Priestly Discernment Program Household formation?

  2. What is your understanding of what is expected of you?


  1. Are you currently being treated by a physician for a physical/medical condition? If so, please explain.

  2. Do you take any medications on a regular basis? If so, please explain.

  3. Have you ever received professional counseling for any reason? If so, please explain.

Developmental/Social History

  1. Please describe the makeup of your family during your growing up years; include mother, father, brother(s), sister(s), other family members who lived in the home.

  2. What were the most significant stressors in the family during those years (e.g., financial pressures, illness, death, frequent moves, substance abuse, relationship conflicts, etc.)? Please explain.

  3. Briefly describe your school experience. Include comments on both academic and social issues.

  4. Were you ever in the military? If yes, provide details (branch, years, rank attained, discharge information, significant events, etc.).

  5. Please comment on your employment history (i.e., types of jobs, periods of unemployment, notable accomplishments significant difficulties).

  6. Please comment on any legal involvements in your background (i.e., serious trouble with the law--arrests, convictions, legal suits, etc.--not minor infractions like traffic violations).

  7. Have you ever been treated for substance abuse? Please explain. Comment on any other types of compulsive or addictive behaviors in your background.

  8. What constitutes your current support system (i.e., what persons, groups, or organizations do you look to the most for personal support, strengthening, and encouragement)?

  9. (Optional) Please email your name with a current photo to

  •   I affirm that all information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.


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