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    A Cut-and-Paste Country

    Kathleen Hart

    A Cut-and-Paste Country, by Kathleen Hart, is a book of poetry that explores characters and artists who "cut and paste" in an effort to create personal refuges of beauty and peace that ultimately reflect praise of God. Due to what series editor Dr. David Craig calls a "marvelously Catholic" voice, a "disciple's heart," and the deep sense of humility permeating Hart's poetry, the book won the Jacopone da Todi Poetry Book Prize, established by Franciscan University Press to provide an alternative publishing opportunity to poets writing in a secular world that is generally unreceptive to overtly Christian themes.


    Challenging the Secular Culture

    A Call to Christians

    Dr. Stephen M. Krason

    To challenge and try to change the secular culture is no small concern. Not only are Christians called to "re-establish all things in Christ" (Eph. 1:10), but they increasingly have no choice in the matter as the culture - whether by its propagation of immoral public practices or the increasing threats to religious liberty - inevitably impinges on them as they now may have to act simply to protect themselves.


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