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TitleTech Buddy III
DepartmentMath and Computer Science
Step Level3
DutiesTo provide setup and support for use of video conference and computer equipment for faculty, staff and students. Responsible for security of equipment. Assist staff and faculty as assigned. Tech Buddies must have some training as a Tech Buddy before they can be considered for this position. Tech Buddies are to learn the skills in their first year in order to be promoted to TechBuddy II; they must take direction and training from TechBuddy III's.
QualificationsTechBuddy III workers must have served as a TechBuddy II for 2 semesters or be able to demonstrate a high level of competence in operating computer and audio/visual equipment. TechBuddies must demonstrate a great interest and ability to work with computer, communication and/or networking equipment. Must be able to assume a medium level of responsibility for successful video conference functions. They must be able to manage other student tech buddies and interact with faculty and staff in a polite and respectful manner.
Contact NameDr. David Dombrowski
SupervisorDr. David Dombrowski
Contact Phone740-283-5265
Contact Emailddombrowski@franciscan.edu
NotesGreat attention must be paid to learning and understanding the quality of audio and video signals and, mic and camera placement. Strict attention to the video conference in progress is essential. Tech Buddies may not do homework or surf the web while on the job. TechBuddies must be willing to attend to the job at hand and not use computer equipment for their own pleasure on the job. Tech Buddies must also report at least 20 minutes before the scheduled conference time in order to move and set up equipment. They must assist in take down and moving equipment back to its storage area.
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