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    We live in a wired world. Nearly every moment of our lives, from the moment we wake up (to the sound of the alarm programmed on our iPhones), until we check our last e-mail of the day and shut off the lights (and program that alarm on the iPhone), is touched by computer technology. Our cars, our kitchens, even our traffic lights depend upon computers to work properly. In turn, those computers working properly depend on the people who design them, make them, and maintain them.

    Which means that one day, if you major in computer science or computer information science at Franciscan University, both those people and that technology will depend on you.

    In today’s job market, the demand for men and women who understand computers (and the way people use them) is great and growing.

    Every business and organization needs employees who can keep their systems running smoothly, help other employees work more efficiently with computers, and find new ways to put technology to use for their organization. That’s what people who’ve majored in computer information science do.

    Every business, organization, and person is also in need of the technology they use to get through the day. They depend upon the people who design new hardware and software, who make innovations to existing hardware and software, and who find new and better ways for technology to serve people and communities. That’s what people who’ve majored in computer science do.

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