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    Care for the body while respecting the whole person

    Men and women aren’t just bodies. They are bodies and souls, matter and spirit. And they are made in the image of God. That’s why medical care that sees and treats only the body is never enough. In some way, it always falls short.   

    Today, the medical world is plagued by this problem: Medical professionals reducing the human person to a body, a thing, and not providing the holistic care that patients and their families need. Even more problematic are dangerous medical practices that violate the fundamental dignity of the human person and work against health and healing, that work against life. 

    What the medical world needs now more than anything are medical professionals who excel in the healing arts, who know all that their science teaches, but who also understand the innate dignity each man and woman possesses. It needs highly skilled professionals committed to treating the whole person and who adhere to the highest ethical standards. 

    Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Nursing Program exists for no other reason than to meet those needs. Through the following program outcomes, you will be taught to: 

    • Analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate holistic health-oriented care for clients across the lifespan and from various cultures.
    • Use ethical principles in a spirit of Christian maturity to guide nursing practice.
    • Apply nursing research and inquiry to nursing practice.
    • Integrate responsibility, accountability, leadership, and service in the role of the professional nurse.
    • Integrate a broad knowledge base to make sound decisions relative to nursing.
    • Utilize a variety of interpersonal and communication techniques in health-related situations. 


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