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  • Undergraduate Transfers

    Students who have attended other colleges and universities must follow all the basic steps. In addition, they must have official transcripts sent from each college and university attended (see registrar at each institution for their protocol on requesting official transcripts). Admission and subsequent registration may be canceled if information is found to be false or intentionally omitted.

    Transferring credits

    Full credit will be given for most courses transferred from an institution accredited by one of the regional accreditation associations, provided the grade for each course is C (2.00) or better. Courses in which a grade below a college C are earned are not automatically transferable. No college credit will be given for home-school or correspondence course work.

    Canadian students please note: Ontario Academic Credits (OAC) are NOT accepted for credit.

    A final Advanced Standing Evaluation will be done after all official transcripts have been received. This evaluation is subject to the approval of the student's academic advisor. Students who register for courses without an Advanced Standing Evaluation assume total responsibility for any registration errors. In no case may a student earn credit for a course, or equivalent, for which prior credit was earned.

    A list of Franciscan University's articulation agreements can be found here.

    Hours Requirements

    Regardless of how many total hours a transfer student has, to be eligible for a Franciscan bachelors degree the student who transfers must:

    1. earn their final, consecutive 30 semester credit hours at Franciscan University;
    2. earn a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in upper-level courses at Franciscan University in the academic major of their choosing; and
    3. earn a minimum of 6 semester credit hours in upper-level courses at Franciscan University in the academic minor of their choosing.

    Requirements for academic majors and minors are listed in the Majors & Programs section.

    Nursing Students

    Transfer students interested in nursing may transfer to FUS as a freshman pre-nursing student or as a sophomore nursing major. Transfer students at the freshman pre-nursing level are admitted to the University following the University admission policy. Such students will be advised by the nursing department. Freshman students in pre-nursing will apply to the nursing major during the spring term of their freshman year at a time announced by the nursing department.

    Transfer students who are considering a transfer to the sophomore level of nursing must:

    1. be admitted to the University following the University admission policy;
    2. request in writing admission to the sophomore level of the nursing major;
    3. complete the Department of Nursing admission form;
    4. meet the requirements for the nursing major:
      1. Minimum GPA of 2.5
      2. Successful completion of required freshman sciences with a grade of C or above
      3. Successful completion of other freshman course requirements

    Transfer students requesting to be admitted to the sophomore level nursing major will be reviewed for admission along with all other students requesting to be admitted to the nursing major.

    The academic records of all candidates requesting admission will be reviewed for admission to the major after the University spring graduation and when all academic records have been received. This review includes a critical evaluation of the candidates GPA, academic transcript, completion of pre-requisite courses, and other characteristics of personal commitment to the profession of nursing.

    Those candidates applying to the major will be notified of their admission status once all information has been reviewed. The Department of Nursing will admit that number of students that the Department can appropriately accommodate at the sophomore level.

    Specific questions regarding transfer into the nursing major should be directed to the admissions office and to the Department of Nursing.

    Nursing credits earned from another institution are not transferrable.

    Talk with a counselor

    Talk with one of our Admissions counselors who works with transfer students to get all of your questions answered.

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