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  • Getting Ready to Travel to Austria

    Passport, Visa, Insurance, and Security Information


    Passport information

    All students who plan to student in Austria need a valid passport. If you have a valid passport, please make sure it does not expire sooner than three months after you are scheduled to depart Europe at the end of your semester (i.e., you need a three-month "buffer" at the end of your stay). If you do not have a valid passport, you will have to apply for one as soon as possible. Learn how and where to apply at the U.S. State Department Website »


    No, not the credit card. A Schengen Visa is an endorsement or stamp that is placed in your passport by the government of the country where you will be staying which permits you to visit the Schengen for a specified amount of time and for a specified reason. The Austrian government requires all non-European Union citizens who will be studying in Austria to get a Schengen Student Visa.

    To get the Schengen Student Visa you will be required to drop off your passport at FUS's Austrian Office the semester prior to your semester in Austria. The specific due date will be determined and communicated by the FUS Austrian Office. Your passport, with visa, will be returned to your home address by the the Austrian Consulate prior to your departure.

    International Health Insurance

    The Schengen Student Visa requires all students to have International Health Insurance. Franciscan University purchases the needed coverage from Cultural Insurance Services International and then bills you the $200 cost, which covers the entire time you will be abroad. It includes the following coverages:

    • No deductibles, no co-pays
    • Guaranteed direct payment to doctors and hospitals in Europe
    • Urgent and emergency care including repatriation
    • $100,000 insurance per accident or sickness with no lifetime maximum

    Safe Travels in Europe 

    During Orientation at the Kartause our student life team goes through the University's policies for traveling around Europe, as well as tips for staying safe that come from travel experts and much experience.

    Safe Travel Precautions Include
    • Travel Log: All students must sign out before departing and list their destinations, then they must sign back in upon returning.
    • Parental Consent Areas: Parts of Europe where parents voice concern about their son or daughter traveling.
    • Parental Notification: All students are required to notify parents of their weekly travel plans.
    • No-Go Countries: We do not allow students to travel to certain countries where security is a significant concern. This list of countries/regions is updated throughout the semester, based on notifications from the U.S. State Department.

    You can also learn more about excursions and travel opportunities »


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