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    Professionals who Heal and Care

    At Franciscan University of Steubenville we believe that the world needs more professionals in the healthcare industry who operate knowing that the healing is not just of the body, but of the whole person.

    For us, medicine means more than biology and chemistry, and being a doctor means more than diagnosis and treatment. We believe that physicians should be masters of the art of healing, and practitioners of compassion and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the afflicted.

    That’s why we have designed pre-professional programs for dentistry, optometry, general medicine, pharmaceuticals, and physical therapy that are unlike any other in the country. Our programs are strong on the hard science of medicine, while giving healthy respect to the human qualities and ethical dimensions that so many competing programs, and even medical schools, leave out.

    Good physicians, not just scientists

    Contrary to the common notion, you don't have to major in a science as an undergraduate if you want to go to medical school.

    While our Biology and Chemistry programs will well prepare you for medical school, we crafted our pre-professional programs so that students in the humanities and other majors will have sufficient knowledge of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics to get into and succeed in the medical school of their choice.

    But beyond the technical knowledge, you will acquire the ability to think well on your feet, solve problems, listen with care, communicate with compassion and clarity, and, importantly, the perspective needed to make sound, ethical decisions. Especially in today's healthcare climate, physicians well-versed in sound Christian bioethics are much sought after by those who value being seen as a person in distress rather than merely as a patient to be seen or a disease to be treated.

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