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    English Program

    Observe the story of humanity, expressed in words, turns of phrase and rhythm, across barriers of culture, language, time, and distance.

    English majors may choose among three concentrations at Franciscan: British and American Literature, Western and World Literature, or Writing.

    Study Abroad

    If your academic interests include studying the Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern periods, we offer semester experiences at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Oxford University in England.

  • The Department of English educates the student as a whole person through the study of liter- ature, literary criticism, and writing, as these arts develop the mind, form the heart, and reveal essential truths about human nature, society, and the world. Literary analysis, interpretation, and a refined approach to language and writing skills guide us into the depths of human experience and the grandeur of beauty. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI notes, “beauty does not remove us from reality” but “leads to a direct encounter with the daily reality of our lives, liberating it from darkness, transforming it, [and] making it radiant and beautiful.” To that end, the curriculum of the English Department is designed to foster in the student a genuine love of letters and cultivate sensibilities suited to a more profound participation in what Benedict has called “the pilgrim fellowship of faith.”

  • The Core Curriculum

    This Core Curriculum "reflects our ongoing commitment to academic excellence and the integration of faith and reason. Based on the Western intellectual tradition, our Franciscan educational heritage, and the Catholic mission of Franciscan University, the new core purposefully exposes our students to more of the fundamental knowledge and critical authors they need to become well-educated Catholics" —Father Terence Henry, TOR, chancellor of Franciscan University of Steubenville

    More About Our Core Curriculum
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