Career Development Program | Franciscan University of Steubenville
  • Career Development Program for Education Majors

    Freshman: Building the Career Foundation

    • Introduction to Career Services personnel.
    • Become familiar with testing/assessments that will be required.
    • Attend Resume/Cover Letter Seminar.
    • Explore at least three education related career options using resources, family and friends.
    • Start a Career Planning portfolio documenting names and contacts and records of activities. Maintain through graduation.
    • Establish a Board of Advisors.
    • Collect info on internships, summer jobs, volunteer positions, etc. which will help build the resume.

    Sophomore: Planning Your Career

    • Meet with Career counselor. Provide resume draft.
    • Complete the Myers-Briggs assessment and workshop.
    • Complete the Personal Development Plan and review with Career Counselor.
    • Attend the Interview Seminar.
    • Attend the Job Search Seminar.
    • Complete the "Perfect Interview" module.
    • Find and research four skills an employer requires in a teacher.
    • Use networking and informational interview techniques.
    • Update portfolio.
    • Use the Board of Advisors.
    • Read one book and journal on career planning recommended by faculty or Career Services. Join a professional education association and become an active member.
    • Consider an internship/summer job related to education for the summer.
    • Activity involvement to support teaching career.

    Junior: Job Search Strategy and Preparation

    • Meet with career counselor. Review resume/cover letter and draft of career goal essay.
    • Complete the Job Search Planning and Information sheet and submit to Career Services.
    • Review the Personal Development Plan with Career Counselor.
    • Review the Networking for Job Prospects information.
    • Attend Career Fairs.
    • Complete Mock Interview.
    • Research additional skills.
    • Use Networking and informational interview techniques.
    • Update portfolio.
    • Ask former employers/professors to serve as references/write recommendations.
    • Use the Board of Advisors.
    • Read professional/technical journals in education.
    • Obtain a related internship or summer position.
    • Activity involvement to support teaching career.
    • Obtain info on licensure for State other than Ohio.
    • Build clothing wardrobe.

    Senior: Decision and Transition

    • Meet with career counselor and review job search strategy. Provide professionally duplicated resume/cover letter.
    • Review the Personal Development Plan.
    • Attend the Job Offer Evaluation Seminar.
    • Attend Career Fairs.
    • Attend the Transitioning to Employment Seminar.
    • Network for Job Prospects.
    • Update & use portfolio.
    • Obtain recommendations from supervising teachers.
    • Use the Board of Advisors. Make contact with faculty, board and career office on post grad plans.
    • Research school districts consistent with career direction. Complete employer prospect list with names and addresses.
    • Implement Job Search Plan with Career Counselor.
    • Apply for licensure.
    • Continue to build wardrobe.
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