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Facility Adaptations and Cleaning

Facility Adaptations

Physical Plant Services is constructing additional classrooms to provide for decreased density in classrooms. Physical Plant Services will relocate and rearrange furniture to meet new separation guidelines in classrooms and other public spaces.

In areas where they are deemed desirable, temporary, flexible and movable plexiglas barriers will be provided. In certain areas, more robust and customized barriers will be installed. Sink separations in restrooms will be increased by taking some sinks out of service.

Intensified Cleaning and Sanitizing

The Physical Plant Services Custodial Division utilizes EPA-registered disinfectants (for COVID-19 and others) for the cleaning and disinfection of all areas where contamination is possible. These are applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions and may include the use of: electrostatic sprayers, Ready to Use (RTU) bottles, or other methods.

Anti-microbial coatings are being investigated for application and use on various “high touch” items like door hardware, etc.

Restrooms throughout campus will be cleaned on their regular daily schedule with an additional, separate disinfection of the high-touch surfaces. Residence hall restrooms will be fully cleaned twice per day on weekdays; on weekends, these restrooms will be fully cleaned once per day with an additional, separate disinfection of high touch areas.