Ryan Welch

Ryan Welch, MA ‘18

Online Enrollment Counselor

After being raised in Missouri and attending Missouri State University for my bachelor’s degree, I had a very deep “come-back” conversion to Christ. I then served as an on-campus missionary for two years with FOCUS before joining the seminary for two and a half years. It was there that the Lord truly worked wonders in my life, and instead of calling me onto priesthood, gave me the call to marriage. So I left the seminary and moved to Steubenville to finish my Master’s in Theology at Franciscan. It’s here that I continued my excellent intellectual and spiritual formation, but also where I met my wife. We welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl, in 2019. I’ve been working as an Online Enrollment Counselor since 2017, and am extremely honored and grateful to walk with both online and on-campus students as they follow God’s will for their lives. God love you and bless you!

Graduate Admissions Staff