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  • Graduate Nursing Special Programs 

    BSN to MSN Candidates at Franciscan 

    Nursing - Special ProgramsFranciscan undergraduate nursing major students are offered an opportunity to take a maximum of 9 selected nursing credits at the graduate level that will be applied toward the MSN degree should they choose to earn a master's degree in nursing at Franciscan University. The undergraduate student must have special permission from the Admissions, Progression, and Graduation Committee of the Department of Nursing for permission to take graduate level course work. The undergraduate student must meet with his/her academic advisor to arrange the appropriate course work. 

    Undergraduate nursing students who take graduate level courses will pay the graduate tuition rate for those graduate courses if the number of credits exceeds 18 credits. 

    All students enrolled in master level course work are expected to complete work designed for the graduate level. 

    RN to MSN Program 

    The RN to MSN program is designed in order that the Registered Nurse without the bachelor degree progresses through to the master level with as few redundancies as possible. The RN to MSN students may choose up to 10 credits from selected graduate level courses in order to complete the BSN. This course work may be applied to the master’s degree at Franciscan University. The RN will be awarded the BSN upon completion of all course work and the sufficient number of credits required for the undergraduate degree. The student will then progress through the master's degree program in the educational track of their choice. 

    Students wishing to enter this educational track should meet with their academic advisor for further details regarding this special program. 

    RN to MSN who take graduate level courses prior to earning the BSN will pay the graduate tuition rate for those graduate level courses if the number of credits exceeds 18 credits in a semester. 

    Post-Master Certificates 

    A post-master certification is offered to those students who have previously earned a master's degree in nursing. Students seeking the post-master’s certificate must meet the basic admission requirements for the University and Graduate Nursing Program. In addition, they must submit evidence of the Master of Science in Nursing degree from an accredited program. Candidates for the post-master certificate must confer with the graduate director or academic advisor in order to schedule appropriate course work that will lead to the certificate.

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