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    Each year the MA Philosophy Program sponsors a scholarly conference on Christian philosophy. Philosophers and scholars from around the world meet for several days to discuss the work of an important Catholic philosopher or an important philosophical topic or school in the Catholic philosophical tradition. Whenever possible, graduate courses are offered in conjunction with the conferences to augment the courses and sometimes to allow graduate student participation in the conference.

    In addition to the annual conference on Christian philosophy the MA Philosophy Program sometimes sponsors or co-sponsors an additional conference or colloquium on an important theme or person. 

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    Personalism and Its Relation to the Christian Intellectual Tradition

    May 18th-19th, 2018

    Plenary Speakers: Juan Manuel Burgos, Dr. John F. Crosby, V. Bradley Lewis

    We will explore the personalism found in Karol Wojtyla, Max Scheler, Martin Buber, Jacques Maritain, and others, including the Boston Personalists. We will ask: how does this personalism grow out of the Christian intellectual tradition? What does it contribute to this tradition? What are the main achievements of the personalists? What are their weaknesses?

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    Past Conferences

    Newman's Development of Doctrine: "Tradition as a Form of Discernment"

    September 15-16th, 2016

    Plenary Speakers: Thomas Pfau

    Thomas Pfau, Mary Alice Baldwin Professor of English at Duke University, will be speaking on "Newman on the Development of Doctrine: Tradition as a Form of Discernment, at Franciscan University on September 15, 2016, at 7:00 PM in the J.C. Williams Center. 

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    The Continuing Relevance of Leibniz

    April 8-9, 2016

    Plenary Speakers: Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh; Alexander Pruss, Baylor University

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    Voices of Personalism

    April 23, 2016

    "Voices of Personalism" marks the first time graduate philosophy students at Franciscan University have organized a conference featuring the work of MA and PhD students in philosophy, theology, and other fields.

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    The Power of Beauty

    October 24-25, 2014

    "Beauty will save the world," writes Dostoevsky, yet beauty is seen by many as a weak and expendable arrow in the metaphysical quiver that includes the more robust good and true.

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    Must Morality Be Grounded in God?

    April 5-6, 2013

    This ancient question has arisen anew in the contemporary atheism debate. Some say that morality can hold its ground on a naturalistic basis and without any transcendent foundation.

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    Ancient and Medieval Interpretations of Aristotle's Categories

    April 12-14, 2012

    Join philosophers and classicists as they consider the interpretations of Aristotle's Categories found in the work of Ancient and Medieval thinkers.

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    Can Science Inform our Understanding of God?

    December 2-3, 2011

    Featuring,Michael Behe, Stephen Barr, William Carroll, Edward Feser, Alvin Plantinga,Jay Richards,Benjamin Wiker

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    • April 2011 - Early Phenomenology
    • Spring 2010 - Edith Stein
    • Spring 2009 - The Legacy of Neo-Platonism
    • Spring 2008 - Jean-Luc Marion
    • October 2007 - Dietrich Von Hildebrand
    • Spring 2007 - Boethius
    • Spring 2006 - Francisco Suarez
    • 2001 - The Philosophical Legacy of John Henry Newman
    • 2000 - Christian Personalism
    • 1999 - The Franciscan Tradition

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