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  • Aims of the Nursing Program

    Nursing - OutcomesThe undergraduate Nursing Program provides for the preparation of professional nursing and leads to a bachelor of science in Nursing degree and eligibility to sit for the Registered Nurse licensing exam. The program aims to promote the development of professional nurse generalists through wholistic, goal-directed experiences in nursing education and nursing practice with the active participation of faculty and students in the fellowship of learning. Nursing is viewed as a wholistic approach to the process and practice of nursing as a healing ministry to meet the health needs of individuals, families, and groups in the community. This wholistic approach emphasizes the interrelationship of physical, social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of persons from conception to death.

    The Nursing Program provides a sound base of knowledge in the biological and social sciences. This strong academic foundation prepares the student to meet the challenge of professional nursing in today’s society. Clinical experience in medical, surgical, psychiatric, obstetrics, pediatrics, and community health are gained in a variety of health facilities in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The student is prepared for graduate study and the professional role by intensified senior-level courses in nursing research, leadership, and advanced medical/surgical nursing.

    The Department of Nursing curriculum is organized around the following framework:
    Critical Thinking: An approach to nursing practice which reflects analytical methods, including observation, reflection, experience, reasoning, inquiry, and Christian maturity.
    Therapeutic Nursing Intervention: The ability to provide theory-based psychomotor and psychosocial nursing actions according to professional standards which are designed to optimize the health of individuals, families, and groups.
    Communication: The goal-driven, culturally appropriate process using various methods to exchange information in nursing and health related situations.

    Program Outcomes

    • Analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate holistic health oriented care for clients across the life span and from various cultures.
    • Use ethical principles in a spirit of Christian maturity to guide nursing practice
    • Apply research and inquiry to nursing practice.
    • Integrate responsibility, accountability, leadership and service in the role of the professional nurse.
    • Utilize a variety of interpersonal and communication techniques in health related situations.
    • Integrate a broad knowledge base to make sound decisions elative to nursing.

    Important Information


    Students will be expected to provide their own transportation for clinical experiences in all agencies throughout their clinical program, which begins in the sophomore year.


    All students are required to carry liability insurance beginning with enrollment in the Nursing major and continuing until graduation from the program. Coverage for the student is provided by the University at the student's expense, unless other arrangements are made with the Nursing Department.


    Students must have a health examination before being admitted to the University. The nursing student is required to have a Nursing Department health exam at the sophomore year. An annual TB test is required. Other special laboratory work may be necessary according to clinical agency policy.


    All nursing students are required to wear white uniform pants with a green polo shirt with the Franciscan University of Steubenville logo on it and the approved name tag. White lab coats with the FUS logo are required.

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