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    Human patient simulators are among the most recent technological advances in instructional methodologies for nursing education. These interactive manikins are capable of realistic physiologic responses, including respirations, pulses, blood pressure, heart sounds, breath sounds, and seizures. Human patient simulators can be used to teach basic and advanced life saving skills, such as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and rescue breathing. At Franciscan University, we use the latest Laerdal® human patient simulator technology in our Nursing Simulation Laboratory.

    In the Franciscan University Nursing Program, simulation lab time is dedicated to learning important tasks in a low-stress, controlled environment. Students develop nursing skills through simulated case studies requiring assessment, critical thinking, medication administration, and communication. Simulation experiences allow for development and practice of skills across the lifespan. Students have the opportunity to provide nursing care for neonatal and obstetrical patients, pediatric patients, and critically ill adult patients. The simulation lab allows students to perform tasks that ordinarily might be too risky or too infrequent to be encountered on a daily basis. These exercises can reinforce material learned in the classroom and clinical, and provide a close-to-real-life experience that can be applied to future interactions with patients and other health care professionals.

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