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Room Arrangements, Households, and Hall Restrictions

New and returning resident students will be screened for symptoms upon arrival. All residence hall bedrooms will be initially set up by the University with beds six feet apart and/or in such a way that students have a barrier between the beds.

Residence halls will be limited to residents only; guests and visitors will not be permitted in any residence hall. Residents will use the restrooms and common areas on their wing/floor only. Capacity limits for all common spaces will be reduced; some common spaces and lounges may be closed. In spaces that are shared by the entire residence hall (e.g., chapels, laundry rooms), six-foot social distancing and face coverings will be required.

Following an initial period of time at the beginning of the semester, rules regarding social distancing and face coverings may be relaxed for students while they are on their own wing.

Household Life

Household life is a hallmark of Franciscan University’s residence life, and policy changes related to COVID-19 will have a particular impact on the daily operation of household life. Household events involving students who do not live on the household wing will need to take place in larger locations where appropriate distancing can be maintained; outdoor settings will also be encouraged.

Lounges, corridors, and common spaces will be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis by custodial staff. Residence hall restrooms will be cleaned twice per day. Sink separations in restrooms will be increased by taking some sinks out of service.

In addition to cleaning by custodial staff, RAs will clean high touch public areas on a daily basis as part of their evening duties.

Residence hall policies may be adjusted throughout the semester as circumstances develop.