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  • Welcome to Student Academic Support Services!

    Student Academic Support Services (SASS) exists to address the individual academic needs of students and cultivate a community-wide attitude of welcome and inclusiveness for students with disabilities. It strives to develop the God-given strengths of each student and provides services both for students needing academic enrichment and for those dealing with learning, physical, or mental health challenges.

    Student Academic Support Services has a two-fold purpose:

    1. To assist our students achieve their full academic potential; and
    2. To assist our students with disabilities by providing academic accommodations.


    Services Offered

    Student Academic Support Services assists students in meeting their educational goals by providing the support, training, and encouragement to build a strong academic foundation. Services available include academic counseling, study skills workshops, peer tutoring, writing assistance, and disability services.

    • Academic Counseling
      Academic counseling offers students individual assistance in identifying academic strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to assist each student in the development of an academic plan to ensure success. Through regular appointments, students are able to evaluate their progress and identify problem areas.

    • Tutoring
      Peer Tutoring Is a free service that assists students by helping to clarify concepts and improve their knowledge in difficult courses. Open tutoring labs for highly requested courses and individual tutoring in all subject areas are available.

    • Study Skills Workshops
      These workshops encourage and empower students with skills that enhance their potential for success. Workshops are offered each semester in small group or individual settings and include topics such as time management, test preparation, learning styles, and note taking.

    • Testing Services
      Is available for students to schedule make-up, distance learning, and CLEP tests.

    • Writing Center
      Assistance with writing assignments from beginning to end.

    • Academic Advising
      Get help planning your academic path and planning for graduation.

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