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    Ana Tolkach

    Class of 2019

    Majors: Theology/Catechetics
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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    When I first attended a Franciscan University youth conference, I never imagined coming here for college. I wanted to study English at a big school; Franciscan seemed small by comparison. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized what I wanted was to experience the love of Christ—to be holy—and to do that, I needed to be surrounded by a supportive community.

    At that point, I knew there was no other place to go besides Franciscan.

    Being here has been an amazing experience in every possible way. I think what I’ve loved best is household life. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and change with this wonderful group of women supporting me the whole way. We’re on a mission together to bring love to the world, and that starts with loving each other, with sharing our struggles and joys, and just being real together.

    I love my classes, too. The professors are so invested in us as students. You can see the love in them, and they want us to succeed. It’s also awesome to have professors who aren’t afraid to challenge us and proclaim the truth.

    After graduation, I’m not sure what’s next. But I’m not worried. Franciscan has equipped me so well—through classes, household life, mission work, and so much more—that I have lots of choices.

    You know, when I was thinking about coming here, the one temptation was to believe it was too good to be true. That’s not the case; it is true. It’s been such a gift to be here.


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