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  • Francis, Joe

    Joe Francis

    Class of 2017

    Majors: Finance
    Hometown: Manassas, Virginia
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    When I was looking for a college, I wanted to find a solid Catholic school that had a sports program and majors that interested me. When I visited Franciscan, it all fit together.

    Playing NCAA Division III soccer here has been awesome. I’ve played soccer since I was 9 years old, and sports at Franciscan have a sense of purpose I’ve never experienced anywhere else. You learn life lessons, such as time management and discipline, and you do it all while striving to give glory to God. It’s amazing to promote the faith while playing a sport you love and having fun. And the fact that all the guys on the team are on the same page makes it even more fun.

    As a business major, my classes have also been great. I’ve enjoyed learning about the business world from a Catholic perspective and seeing how I can make a difference in the world by working in the world. I’m looking forward to putting what I’m learning into practice. I already have a job offer from a D.C. financial group, so that’s probably where I’ll be next year. My dream job, however, is to work for the Washington Capitols. Maybe someday.

    In the meantime, I’m grateful for how much I’ve learned at Franciscan. I understand my faith better, and that’s changed everything—how I look at life, how I treat people. I’m a better person for coming here and being part of a community I haven’t found anywhere else. You can’t put a price tag on that. 

Academically Excellent Passionately Catholic

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