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  • Humanities and Catholic Culture Course Descriptions

    HCC 201

    RELIGION AND CULTUREis the introductory course to the Humanities and Catholic Culture major. The student will be introduced to: the classical and Catholic understanding of a liberal arts education; the multifaceted relationship between religion and culture; and the manner in which Christianity has shaped Western Civilization and the modern world. All three areas will be considered especially in light of the thought of Christopher Dawson.
    Required of all Humanities and Catholic Culture majors.
    3 credit hours

    HCC 401

    CATHOLICISM AND THE MODERN WORLD examines how Catholicism and leading Catholic thinkers have addressed the philosophical, intellectual, social, and political trends, many of which have been markedly secular since the Enlightenment. Particular focus is given to the Catholic response to such leading modern thinkers as Descartes, Kant, and Marx and to such modern socio-political ideologies as Marxism, fascism, and socialism. The area of possible compatibility between modern philosophy and the Catholic worldview are explored. The struggle of the Church and her intellectual defenders to shape a Catholic culture in spite of modern secular trends and the very question of whether this is possible, are considered. Attention is also given to the Catholic response, by Pope John Paul II and others, to the thought and intellectual trends and political-social-cultural developments, such as the movement toward globalism, in the contemporary world. Christopher Dawson’s interpretation of the development of the modern world will figure prominently in this examination.
    Required of all Humanities and Catholic Culture majors.
    Prerequisite: HCC Major or permission of instructor
    3 credit hours

    HCC 404

    CATHOLICS, CATHOLICISM, AND AMERICAN CULTURE studies the Catholic historical experience in America, including both the highlights of the history of Catholic ethnic groups in the American population and of the Church in the US. It considers the leading contributions of Catholics and Catholicism to American culture and life and examines the crucial question of whether Catholicism is compatible with the founding principles of the American nation. Christopher Dawson’s interpretation of the relationship between Catholicism and American culture will figure prominently in this examination. (American Founding Principles Core)
    Required of all Humanities and Catholic Culture majors.
    Prerequisite: HCC Major or permission of instructor
    3 credit hours

    HCC 411

    SELECTED THEMES IN CATHOLIC CULTURE examines in depth a specific theme or topic within the study of Catholic culture thorough the ages. The theme or topic may be a more extensive consideration of a theme or topic introduced in one of the other HCC courses, or of a particular time period within one of the large chronological eras covered in the other courses. This course may be repeated for credit if the topic is different from when previously taken.
    3 credit hours

    HCC 412

    FILM AND WESTERN CULTURE is designed to survey the aesthetic, historical, and theoretical aspects of film studies, as a means of appreciating the role of film in modern Western culture, and especially to prepare the student to engage effectively, through this unique medium, historical periods, events, and persons worthy of consideration in the history and culture of the West in general, and Catholic Christian culture in particular. This effort will be accomplished by introducing the student to the history and basic techniques of film making, and by critically evaluating the subject matter of key films in both their historical context and their topical perspective. Through the judicious use of film the integration of faith, reason, and culture will be enhanced as the student engages, in a modern and distinctive liberal arts manner, the best of Western and Christian culture.
    Cross-listed with FLM 412/HST 412
    3 credit hours

    HCC 435

    COORDINATING SEMINAR involves readings, discussion, and writing on a selected theme or themes in Catholic culture. The approach will be interdisciplinary, with an attempt to bring the various disciplines studied in the major to bear on the focused themes. Each student will be expected to do a written or other major project studying the impact of Catholicism on culture as seen through one of the disciplines.
    Required of all Humanities and Catholic Culture majors.
    Prerequisite: Senior standing
    1 credit hour

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