Franciscan University of Steubenville Announces Its Donor-Advised Fund
A no-hassle way to donate to charities that align with Catholic values.
January 24, 2020

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO—Charitable giving is at the heart of Catholic teachings on tithing. How to do that often poses a challenge.

Now, with the introduction of its donor-advised fund, Franciscan University of Steubenville, in association with the Knights of Columbus, makes it a whole lot easier to support charities that align with Catholic values.

“Think of a donor-advised fund as a charitable savings account or bank account whose distributions flow from the religious values of your family,” said Tom Pappalardo, vice president for Advancement at Franciscan University. “In the course of a year, you make contributions into this account, just as you would for an IRA or a college savings account. You can put cash, stocks, property, or other assets into the account. Then, from that savings account—it could be monthly, once a year, whenever—you make contributions to one or more of your favorite not-for-profit organizations, be they Catholic or community charitable organizations.”

The Knights of Columbus, with their expertise in managing $29 billion in growth and income funds, are stewards of the fund.

When it comes time to donate, the Knights will research a charity and let donors know if it is in conflict with Catholic values. This is becoming an increasingly important resource, as some seemingly worthy organizations support abortion and other immoral activities that are contrary to Catholic teachings.

Unique to the Franciscan University and Knights of Columbus donor-advised fund is the Genesis Account, which young families can use to teach their children the importance of helping others.

“The Genesis Account is specifically designed for young families who can contribute as little as $10 or $50 a month to their fund,” said Pappalardo. “Once or twice a year, maybe at Thanksgiving, the family can sit down and decide where to distribute the funds. This becomes a fun, family activity that encourages a family culture of giving.”

An additional benefit of the donor-advised fund is that it puts all charitable giving into one account, making it easier to track the charities a donor supports. All donations can contribute to a possible tax deduction.

For more information, visit, contact Tom Pappalardo at or Liz Schriner at, or call the Advancement Office at 800-783-6447.

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